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Assistant Project Manager

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Date of last connection: 2016-11-06
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Miss Ni... DO...
08003 Bareclona

Prepared job(s): : Assistant Manager, Activity leader in sports camps, Sales Intern, Telesales Agent


School: TBS Barcelona 08010 Barcelona

Education level: International Management and Business Trade 3rd year
International Management and Business Trade
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +2
Last diploma : Bachelor
Current educational level : +3
Prepared job(s): : Assistant Manager, Activity leader in sports camps, Sales Intern, Telesales Agent
BAFA - Diploma for youth leaders and workers
Duration of the internship: 4-5 months
Beginning of the internship:
2016-04-11 2016-08-31
Full-time Yes
Study-work program Yes
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : 100Km >> ...


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : Excel, Word office, power point with the ability to use it in French and English

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences :

Languages :
French : Native
English : Working language
Spanish : Advanced

Cover letter

Graduating from my Bachelor in International Business
Management from the triple accredited French Toulouse Business School in April,
I am seeking to acquire pertinent experiences through my last year internship.
My different experiences surrounded by internationals showed me the importance
of public policies for a world in which everyone deserves a chance. My concerns
about diversity and integrity led me to cultivate a real curiosity and
attraction for the Europe Union and its Institutions.

Driven by challenges, I accumulated a multitude of
intercultural experiences, which lead me to feel extremely comfortable in an
international environment while developing robust communication skills. From
the early age of seventeen, I completely immersed myself into another family,
high school and culture for a year, as an exchange student in the United States.
This life-changing experience drove me to develop solid adaptability skills and
maturity. After completing my secondary education in Economics and Social
Sciences, it also impacted my decision to study my bachelor degree abroad: two
years in Spain and one year in Argentina. The fact that I lived and studied in
four different countries (United States, France, Argentina, Spain) allowed me
to gain a fine understanding of extremely varying cultures and mentalities, in
addition to writing and speaking three languages fluently.

My willingness to intern at a lobbying firm is supported by
the fact that the purpose and values of the organizations match my personal
ethics. Also, for me, getting involved in the International Relations represents
the opportunity to apply my negotiation and management skills to what I am
passionate about: International development by preserving social and cultural
legacy. It would fulfill a yearning desire I have to make a difference and be
useful to the society by dedicating my energy to participate to the economic
and social cohesion while keeping the business perspective acquired through my
education. Eventually, since my goal is to work in International Public
Relations, this position would represent the first stepping stone on a
well-considered future career plan. It will mark the starting date of a year
which I chose to entirely dedicate towards gaining a well-rounded knowledge in institutional
cooperation and politics through various organizations. I have the ambition for
instance to have the privilege of serving European citizens.

Additionally, as a values-oriented person I developed a real
interest for others. After completing the diploma for youth leaders
and workers (BAFA) I have been working as an activity leader in sports
camps for teenagers in foster care, where I learned to be a team-player and
conflict solver. Besides, I practiced horse-riding at a semi-professional level
in regional and national competitions, where I learned to manage my stress and
responsibilities. I gained self-discipline that allows me to overcome
adversity. On the other hand, team projects constitute an overwhelming majority
of the assignments in my academic degree and taught me to work as a team to
achieve common goals. My classmates describe me as a resourceful person with a
keen sense of commitment and argumentation.
Furthermore, I have « unique » experiences in customer and
retailer relationship management. My two last year’s internships allowed me to
demonstrate abilities to be proactive and independent to exceed companies’

Naturally, I would feel deeply grateful to have the
opportunity to work in the international environment of a lobbying firm.

I appreciate very much the time you took to review my
application and please do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest
convenience, if you have any questions or wish to schedule an interview.



21 years old, in third year of Bachelor in International Management, I am
looking forward to heading out into International Public Relations.
With a general formation in Human
Resources, Management and Negotiation I also have a keen sense of communication
and argumentation.

- Sales
on Market (Summers 2012, 2013)
Sales of handmade clothes – Enterprise Bipbop & Lula
Development of sales
techniques, human contact and advice.
- Activity
Leader - BAFA (2013/2014/2015)- Skiing
camps - Horse
riding camps-
Sports camps
- Telesales
Agent (from January to April 2014)Selling
frozen products to French customers – ATELEOS for MAXIMO
Development of sales techniques
Objective of “4 baskets sold
each day”

and Training

2012 – Hamilton High school

2013 – Baccalauréat (Economic and social)

2013-2014 – BAFA - Diploma for youth leaders and workers (ski qualification)

June/July 2014 – First year
internship with LE BEC IMMOBILIER
French real estate agency.
Improvements in sales techniques, negotiation, accounting and business law.

March/August 2015 – Second
year internship with ITK Voyage Argentine
A French income travel agency
based in ARGENTINA.Customer and provider (hotels, transports, etc)
relationship management, business plan deliveries, website management.

My skillsManaging and advisingLearning (quick learner)Negotiation and leadingConflict resolutions and helping
My other
Proactive and motivated
and team-playerFluent in French and English,
comfortable in SpanishIn possession of the driving
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Les derniers stagiaires

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